Fungal Allergies? How common are they?

Fungus. A lot of people claim to have fungal infections and rashes, but what exactly is a fungal allergy?

What is a fungus?

fungus image

Fungus are molds that grow on stale food, in the walls in case of pipe leakage, seepage of damp, etc.

Fungal spores are microparticles of fungus, which float in the air and when inhaled or in contact with the skin can cause allergies.

Where do you find fungus?

Fungus is found outdoors, in fields, where there is damp and moisture, decaying plants and animals.

It’s fairly common in the house.

It is found at home in

  • Bathroom walls-causing blackish or greenish slimy mold
  • walls of house where seepage in monsoon or pipe leakage is present
  • AC vents especially the window AC unit.
  • In the fridge if not properly cleaned

How to prevent fungal allergies?

fungus image 2

Since it’s an environmental allergen, proper environment control is needed.Fungi don’t grow easily in dry weather.

  • A dehumidifier will help, especially for hospitals, operation theaters, places where fungal growth should be discouraged.
  • Wherever damp is present, waterproofing should be done.  Rainwater leakage, pipe leakage should be dealt with.
  • Bathroom should be cleaned with bleach regularly to prevent mold formation. Since bleach itself is a strong irritant and can cause sneezing, the patient is advised not to do it on their own.
  • Stale food should not be kept for long and thrown away immediately. It should not be consumed since it contains toxins.
  • fridge should be cleaned regularly.
  • AC units should be serviced regularly.
  • Clothes in the Cupboard should be aired.

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