Pollen Allergies, How to deal with them in tropical countries

With exessive urbanization, climate change and global warming, pollen allergies are on the rise Sneezing, running nose, watering of eyes, all these are symptoms of allergies If you have a pollen allergy, this is more common when you are outside. Pollen allergies, also called as hay fever, are fairly common in cold countries due toContinue reading “Pollen Allergies, How to deal with them in tropical countries”

World Hearing Day

WHO has declared today as world hearing day. Sadly, hearing has not been given as importance as it should. People get specs made as soon as they realise they cannot see. But they’re not so keen on getting a hearing aid fitted, though the latest digital hearing aids are user friendly. Hearing for all: ThisContinue reading “World Hearing Day”

Dry weather is back! Managing nosebleeds

With the monsoon being over dry weather has set in. In India the Indian summer has set in, cold at night, hot dry weather in the mornings. The difference in temperature, especially while moving from the heat into an airconditioned room can trigger a nosebleed. Nosebleed happens because of the following reasons. Dry weather leadsContinue reading “Dry weather is back! Managing nosebleeds”