World Allergy Week 2019: Focus on Controlling Environmental Allergens

In addition to other factors, our environment contributes a lot to allergies. We should be aware of what things can be controlled in our environment.



There is a huge controversy regarding pigeons in metros. Pigeons are fed for religious purposes. this creates a lot of problems

Image result for kabutar khanaImage result for pigeon nest

  • Pigeons clustering create a nuisance. The metro railway strictly instructs pigeons should not be fed near metro lines
  • Their droppings and feathers can cause severe allergies, especially for asthmatic patients. The droppings on window ledges, etc can cause media for harboring fungi like aspergillus which themselves cause allergies. They are harmful for asthmatic patients
  • Pigeons roost in skyscrapers and old buildings. They build nests on top AC units, window ledges, etc. Their nests are messy and unhygienic
  • Pigeons harbour organisms which can cause chronic lung diseases

Tips to avoid pigeons:

  •  Install pigeon netting on windows and in balconies to restrict their entry
  • Put barbed wire or glass shards to discourage pigeons from roosting in certain areas
  • And first and foremost, discourage feeding of pigeons in residential and community areas.


Image result for cockroach nestImage result for cockroach nest

Cockroaches are a huge menace for allergies.

  •  Cockroaches multiply quickly. They reside in crevices, in drains, in the kitchen, etc.
  • Cockroaches love to hide in tight places. If a few cockroaches are visible outside, large numbers of them are hidden in your home.
  • Cockroach dust, urine and feces are highly allergenic. Cockroaches spread a lot of diseases.

Tips to prevent cockroaches:

  • Keep your kitchen and surroundings clean. Store groceries in properly closed containers.Spilled food and food particles attract cockroaches.
  • Do a proper pest control.However cockroach allergens will be persistent for upto 6 months in the environment after that
  • Get drains, etc cleaned regularly

Petrol and diesel fumes: 

In the modern age it is difficult to escape from petrol and diesel fumes. They are highly irritant and aggravate existing allergies.To minimize this

  • Do PUC and servicing of your vehicles regularly
  • Car pooling and public transport reduce the incidence of petrol burning

Industrial and occupational pollutants:

  • These vary from industry to industry. Cotton mills, textiles, etc cause chronic lung diseases due to fibres and fungus harboured on them

Cigarette Smoke:

Image result for cigarette smoke

  • This is one of the most dangerous pollutant in our environment
  • Smoking injures the delicate lining of the lungs and air passages
  • Carbon particles and toxic chemicals get lodged inside our lungs
  • Passive smoking is more harmful than active smoking. Your loved ones are suffering worse than you are !

Solution: Stop the habit!

Smoking is a major risk factor for early onset asthma and  various lung diseases

Pollution inside your home:

Our homes are not spared from pollutants too:

Thus we can see that we are exposed to a variety of allergens in the security of our home!

Pollen allergy

Image result for pollen stock images

Pollen allergy, or hay fever is more common in the warm spring and summer months

It is common in European countries during hay making time.

Due to Birch and pine tree pollen, it is fairly common in Canada  and the united states

Due to warm climate following global warming, and longer summers the amount of pollen has increased in the air, increasing the incidence of hay fever

Information on pollen allergy are in my previous blogs.

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