World Allergy Week 2019: Immunotherapy : Modifying Allergic Disorders

We have have started the discussion for treatment of allergic disorders in the previous post. Allergy testing has been discussed . Once the type and cause of allergy has been determined, what should be the treatment for the same. The primary treatment of allergy is to avoid the cause of allergy In case of foodContinue reading “World Allergy Week 2019: Immunotherapy : Modifying Allergic Disorders”

World Allergy Week 2019: Emphasizing the importance of Allergy Testing

Allergies have not been given much importance in the past few years. The incidence of allergic disorders have gone up since then. Till now medication used to be prescribed for allergies, and the patient used to be better as long as the course of medication was on, only to return when symptoms of allergies recurredContinue reading “World Allergy Week 2019: Emphasizing the importance of Allergy Testing”

World Allergy Week 2019: Focus on Controlling Environmental Allergens

In addition to other factors, our environment contributes a lot to allergies. We should be aware of what things can be controlled in our environment.   Pigeons: There is a huge controversy regarding pigeons in metros. Pigeons are fed for religious purposes. this creates a lot of problems Pigeons clustering create a nuisance. The metroContinue reading “World Allergy Week 2019: Focus on Controlling Environmental Allergens”

World Allergy Week 2019:Dermatitis and Skin Disorders. Skin allergy patch testing.

With the ongoing cold and dry weather, skin disorders are coming up. With uncontrolled use of cosmetics, allergies to cosmetic products are on the rise too. Patch testing is done for cosmetic products such as  PPD and  metals like nickel, chromium and various other chemicals. TYPES OF DERMATITIS: Contact Dermatitis: Contact dermatitis is when anContinue reading “World Allergy Week 2019:Dermatitis and Skin Disorders. Skin allergy patch testing.”

World Allergy Week 2019: Food Allergies

In the past few years, Food allergies have gained a lot of importance. Dietary changes, lifestyle diseases and environmental changes have contributed a lot to food allergies. Food allergies play a major role in asthma in early childhood. What are the most important foods that cause allergies? Allergy is caused by allergy causing proteins inContinue reading “World Allergy Week 2019: Food Allergies”

World Allergy Week 2019: Allergic Rhinitis

Allergic rhinitis is a major disorder causing  morbidity, disturbance in the quality of living and is a major reason for loss of days of work. Symptoms of allergic rhinitis are sneezing running nose watering of eyes itching of eyes, ear and throat stuffiness of the nose Allergic rhinitis can lead to breathing problems and asthmaContinue reading “World Allergy Week 2019: Allergic Rhinitis”

World allergy week April 7-13 2019

Hello. welcome to World Allergy Week 2019 Allergic disorders are increasing in the past 10 years, due to lifestyle changes, global warming, diet, etc. We need to address this problem and treat the diseases at a critical level In The Upcoming days we will discuss various aspects of allergy