World Allergy Week 2019: Allergic Rhinitis


Allergic rhinitis is a major disorder causing  morbidity, disturbance in the quality of living and is a major reason for loss of days of work.

Symptoms of allergic rhinitis are

  • sneezing
  • running nose
  • watering of eyes
  • itching of eyes, ear and throat
  • stuffiness of the nose

Allergic rhinitis can lead to breathing problems and asthma

Allergy symptoms can be controlled with medication. Consult your doctor for help.

What causes these allergies?

  • Pollen: pollen allergies or hay fever are common, more in Europe and in the US, due to birch pollen. It is troublesome in the warm summer months when trees release their pollen in the air. Pollen is the mode of reproduction for plants and travels long distances in the air. Especially for plants with small flowers like grasses.pollen image

How to avoid pollen?

  • Keep doors and windows closed especially early mornings and late evening when pollen counts are high
  • wear a mask and full sleeve clothes while doing outside activities
  • take a shower and put your clothes immediately for washing after spending a long time outdoors for work or games, etc, to remove pollen stuck to your body and clothes.
  • get your allergy checked by allergy testing. Immunotherapy helps to control allergies

House Dust mites:

aca6f6a4578dfa837640286fdfd31485--dust-mite-allergy-allergy-treatmentdust mite cycle

They are the most common cause of allergies

How to avoid dust mites:

  • They are destroyed by heat, so wash bed-sheets, blankets, pillow covers in hot water at least twice a week and dry them in the sun
  • Minimize dust in your house by removing soft furnishing like carpets, curtains, sofa covers, soft toys, etc. Or vacuum them regularly
  • Immunotherapy helps in controlling dust mite allergies.

Fungi or Molds:

fungus image 2

  • They are the cause of allergy in warm and humid climates.
  • Fungal spores become airborne and cause allergies
  • They are found in air conditioning, on damp bathroom walls or walls where there is seepage of water or pipe leakage
  • they can cause sinusitis and allergic asthma

Prevention of fungal allergy

  • Basic cleanliness helps
  • Servicing of AC vents regularly, cleaning the bathroom with bleach, treating water leakage, removal of junk in the home, etc
  • Vaccines help


pet allergy image

  • Animals like cats, dogs and even birds can cause allergies
  • Cats are very common since they lick their fur and the saliva on it is highly allergenic

Prevention of pet allergies:

These are very difficult since the pet is a family member and minimizing contact with them is not possible. Vaccines help.


Cockroach dust causes a lot of allergy. Cockroaches like tight places so even if 1-2 are visible outside, most of them will be hidden in crevices.

Proper pest control should be done for allergy prevention

Minimize environmental pollution. These are irritants which worsen symptoms of allergy such as:

  • Cigarette smoke
  • petrol and diesel fumes
  • industrial pollutants
  • insect repellents and plug in liquids

Consult your doctor as soon as possible for allergic symptoms for immediate relief and further management

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