Should Fluffy be given a new home? how to deal with pet allergies.

Pets. They’re part of our family.  Getting rid of a pet is unthinkable.

The hygiene hypothesis:

If children play with animals at a younger age, they become more resistant to developing allergies as they grow up. Especially kids growing up on a farm.

Cats: It’s well known that the primary allergen, Fel D1 is the main culprit for allergy to cats. Cat saliva causes allergy, cats constantly lick themselves, and their saliva sticks to their fur.

Image result for pet allergyImage result for pet allergy

For minimizing allergy to pets,

  • Pet hairs should be reduced. proper cleaning and use of vacuum cleaners.
  • Wash the pets regularly.
  •  Pets should not be allowed to sleep on the bed
  • Avoid handling the pet. Wash your hands if you do.
  • High efficiciency particulate (HEPA) filters help in reducing allergen levels over a period of time. Especially in the bedroom.

Pet allergies can develop over time. You may not be allergic to your dog but in a period of 2 years there’s a good chance that you can get allergic to it.

Other animals that can cause allergy

Horses, cattle, parrots, hamsters, etc.


Image result for rat allergyImage result for pigeon allergy

Rats are everywhere, in drains,

Domestic pets, rat urine and faeces have allergenic material.

  • Proper pest control,
  • avoid open food lying around,
  • proper hygiene
  •  blocking of points of entry to rats should be done.
  • store garbage in closed containers. Proper garbage disposal

In labs and such areas, use gloves while handling


Feathers and pigeon droppings.

More than causing dirt, fungus grows on pigeon droppings which adds to the allergy.

How to avoid pigeons.

  • Install pigeon netting in galleries especially if you are staying in high rise buildings.
  • Pigeons lay eggs on AC units. Put pieces of glass or barbed wire so that they don’t sit and roost over there.
  • Don’t encourage feeding of pigeons. Pigeons are fed grains, etc. on basis of religious purposes. But these pigeons are responsible for allergy/asthma and spread of disease

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