World allergy week April 7-13 2019

Hello. welcome to World Allergy Week 2019 Allergic disorders are increasing in the past 10 years, due to lifestyle changes, global warming, diet, etc. We need to address this problem and treat the diseases at a critical level In The Upcoming days we will discuss various aspects of allergy

Allergic plants in metros

The above is a plant growing in a divider in Mumbai city. It is a weed. Along with the ornamental plants due to lack of proper care this plant has grown unhindered. It is called Amaranthus spinosus or Chawli bhaji. It is a strong aeroallergen. Other plants spotted in Mumbai are castor oil or ricinusContinue reading “Allergic plants in metros”

Winter is coming: basic skin care tips

So we’re done with monsoon, and the Indian summer and October heat has finally set in. Navratri is on and everyone is in the mood to dance. All the humidity is out of the air, and within a few weeks the weather should turn for the cold.  So after the summer heat and muggy monsoon,Continue reading “Winter is coming: basic skin care tips”

Food Allergies? The never ending Debate.

What is food allergy? What is the difference between food allergies and intolerance? There are a lot of definitions about food allergies. In simple term food allergy means that the immune system overreacts to certain proteins or allergens in food. Who are the people who need to know most about food allergies? Children with foodContinue reading “Food Allergies? The never ending Debate.”

Insect allergies and Mosquito Control

Summer holidays were on. Lots of flowers were in bloom, and bees were buzzing around. Dhara, 8 years old, was playing in the garden with her friends.  All of them were wearing brightly colored frocks. Suddenly Dhara started screaming in pain and crying. Her mother brought her inside. On examination she had found to haveContinue reading “Insect allergies and Mosquito Control”

Should Fluffy be given a new home? how to deal with pet allergies.

Pets. They’re part of our family.  Getting rid of a pet is unthinkable. The hygiene hypothesis: If children play with animals at a younger age, they become more resistant to developing allergies as they grow up. Especially kids growing up on a farm. Cats: It’s well known that the primary allergen, Fel D1 is theContinue reading “Should Fluffy be given a new home? how to deal with pet allergies.”