Winter is coming: basic skin care tips

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So we’re done with monsoon, and the Indian summer and October heat has finally set in. Navratri is on and everyone is in the mood to dance.

All the humidity is out of the air, and within a few weeks the weather should turn for the cold.  So after the summer heat and muggy monsoon, everyone is looking forward to enjoy the winter weather

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With the dry weather 2 problems have come up

1: Dry skin

2: Allergies

1: Dry Skin

Dryness of skin leads to

  • Thick dark patches of dry skin. This is common in areas like the elbow and knee, and especially in the folds around the neck, behind the ear.
  • Irritation and itching
  • Rashes and hives
  • Allergic problems and skin infections

Prevention is better than cure. Skin types are of two types, dry and oily. People with oily skin require a different set of care, such as washing frequently with mild soaps, using mild skin care solutions.

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  • For people with dry skin, proper moisturizing should start early. Use a gentle non-perfumed moisturizer. You can use coconut, olive oil or sesame seed oil too. Any time you have contact with water, your skin loses moisture. Long periods of skin contact makes your skin wrinkly. Especially if your hands have been in water for too long. you should moisturize
  • After a bath
  • If you have been working in water for too long
  • After swimming or water sports
  • Don’t use heavy makeup or harsh cosmetics, chemicals will worsen contact irritation
  • Astringents and alcohol based solutions with dry and harden your skin if used in excess

Get your thyroid levels checked

Hypothyroidism leads to dry skin. Thyroid supplements will help you and even in losing weight.

Avoid synthetic fabrics:

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Synthetic polymer fabrics have a lot of static electricity in dry weather. That worsens your dry skin and leads to rashes.


Though some people find winter months pleasant, others will have their allergies worsened.

Dry dust gets airborne and causes sneezing, itching, watering of eyes.

Some grasses and plants have their flower and pollen season in winter.

With proper care, you should not be stopped from enjoying the pleasant winter season.

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