Allergic plants in metros

The above is a plant growing in a divider in Mumbai city. It is a weed. Along with the ornamental plants due to lack of proper care this plant has grown unhindered. It is called Amaranthus spinosus or Chawli bhaji. It is a strong aeroallergen.

Other plants spotted in Mumbai are

  • castor oil or ricinus communis growing at the sides of the Nullahs or aqueducts,
  • Image result for ricinus communis
  • carica papaya or papaya tree. however, papaya trees have been stripped bare of their leaves due to the belief that they are helpful in the treatment of dengue;
  • Image result for papaya tree
  • congress grass or parthenium.
  • Image result for congress grass
  • agreratum or neelam
  • Image result for ageratum
  • Durva grass or cynodon dacytlon, known as bermuda grass, Commonly used in Ganesha pooja
  • Image result for durva
  • raintree or Samania Saman
  • Image result for samanea saman
  • coconut tree or cocos nucifera
  • In the warm and humid climate of Mumbai, these allergens are present throughout the year.
  • They are commonly seen in roadside areas, at the side of the railway tracks, gardens of educational campuses, offices and institutions, public gardens, lawns, plantations, etc
  • other irritatants like petrol and diesel fumes, pollutants, dust add to the effect of these pollutants


  • Keep doors and windows closed early morning and late evening
  • Don’t go for a walk at these times as pollen exposure will be more
  • wear a mask while outside walking, and a full sleeve dress
  • Immediately take a shower and put your clothes for washing on returning home, especially from a long day outside, to remove pollen stuck to your clothes and body
  • wash hair regularly

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