Dry weather is back! Managing nosebleeds

With the monsoon being over dry weather has set in. In India the Indian summer has set in, cold at night, hot dry weather in the mornings. The difference in temperature, especially while moving from the heat into an airconditioned room can trigger a nosebleed. Nosebleed happens because of the following reasons.

  • Dry weather leads to dryness of the inner lining of the vestibule or entrance of the nose. The blood vessels on the septum or central part of the nose is known as Little’s area get congested and they burst which leads to bleeding. Later on the blood clots forming a scab which is tempting to pick. On picking this scab the bleeding will start again.
  • In case of small children there could be a chance that they have put a foreign body up their nose.
  • Due to accidental injury to the nose
  • Due to Sinus infections or a tumor or polyp in the nose

How to manage a nosebleed:

Don’t get alarmed. Simple nosebleeds can be managed easily.

  • First of all sit down in a well ventilated area and bend forward so that the blood falls straight and not down the back of the throat which can cause choking. This reduces blood pressure which aids in stopping the bleeding. Don’t lie down.
  • loosen tight and constrictive clothing
  • Don’t attempt to stuff cotton in the nose or try to wipe it with any object. This will only scratch the delicate tissues inside the nose and cause more bleeding
  • pinch the tip of the nose with thumb and forefinger and breath through the mouth
  • apply ice packs to the cheeks and face.

Attend the emergency room if

  • The bleeding is too much or has been going on from the next 20 minutes
  • Small children
  • Anemic people
  • In case the bleeding is due to accident or injury
  • If the patient has difficulty breathing

For long term management and prevention of nose bleeds:

  • Avoid sudden extreme temperature changes
  • apply oil or petroleum jelly in your nose twice or thrice daily. This keeps the area moist and stops crusting and bleeding
  • in case of blood or pus discharge from the nose, especially a single nostril in children, chances of sticking something up the nose are high. In adults it could be due to sinus disease
  • If the bleeding is severe and more frequent, check with your doctor
  • Keep fingernails short with small children

The information above is solely the views of the author. Please consult your ENT specialist for treatment

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