Sleep Disorders and Sleep Apnea

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Sleep is one thing which no one can deny. Everyone needs sleep. Minimum 7-9 hours sleep is required for Adults. However, in today’s fast paced life, people are losing out on adequate sleep. The corporate lifestyle, targets, deadlines, meeting, presentations, all have taken a toll on our sleep hours. Not to mention electronic devices, social media, mobile phones which provide an unlimited source of entertainment cut in our sleep hours too. Sleep is being neglected which is not healthy.

Sleep is a phase of our body for resting the body. It is an essential phase for the body clock or circadian rythm tp function normally. This body clock regulates secretion of certain hormones and certain physiological processes. Growth hormone is secreted maximum during sleep. It is a very important hormone since it helps in tissue repair, delaying the aging process and in injuries. So beauty sleep is a genuine thing.

The body clock is subject to light and dark changes throughout the day. This all is affected by artificial lighting, especially mobile screens, laptops and television. The exposure of light delays our sleep.

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Ancient myths and fairy tales have recognized the importance of sleep. Sleeping beauty, who had to sleep for hundred years. And in Indian mythology, Kumbhakarna was cursed with six months of sleep, on the condition that if he was awakened that would lead to his early death.

In a way, this condition is true for everyone. Lack of sleep is hazardous to our life and we do not realize this.

If we do not get proper sleep we increase the risk of heart disease , blood pressure, weight gain, diabetes.

So we can see how important sleep is in our life.

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