March 3: World Hearing Day: Take better care of your ears!

So a lot of patients come to me for ENT disorders, especially for ear problems,blocked ears, earache, wax removal, etc. I’ve seen a lot of patients try to treat themselves before they come to me. It makes things difficult.

What is ear wax?

Wax is a natural secretion of the body produced by special glands in the ear. It helps in removing any dirt, insects or foreign bodies in the ear. Wax naturally comes out on it’s own. However, for certain patients, if the wax is too hard or the ear canal is too twisted and narrow, the wax accumulates over a period of time. This can cause pain or blockage of the ear with difficulty in hearing. In that case it is advisable to visit your ENT specialist to get it cleaned.

Don’t use ear buds! They can push the wax inside. This makes it difficult to remove. You can damage your ear drum and hearing. If you get a nasty scratch in your ear canal it can get infected , or become a hair follicle infection which is extremely painful. In patients of diabetes it can even affect the surrounding structures and bones of the skull, a condition called skull base osteomyelitis, commonly called malignant otitis externa, which is a very serious condition difficult to treat. And sometimes the packed wax becomes so hard that it is painful to remove without giving general anaesthesia.

Don’t put warm oil in your ears, or ear drops without proper examination by your ENT specialist!

And don’t pour chemicals or hydrogen peroxide.

This can lead to painful difficult to treat fungal infections.

If you suddenly have symptoms of hearing loss, pain, ringing sounds in your ear, sudden dizziness with vomiting, please consult your ENT specialist urgently. Sudden hearing loss has a good chance of being reversed if detected early.

Children with hearing problems, colds should visit their specialists and be treated early.

For proper care, visit your ENT specialist

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