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Hearing problems in Adults

Adults can have hearing problems …

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  • After a viral infection
  • After taking some medication which can affect the organ of hearing
  • Accidents and injuries
  • chronic infections of the ear and ear discharge
  • A condition called otosclerosis
  • Related to advanced age

How to detect hearing loss in Adults?

  • Proper history taking can note the cause, whether the hearing loss is sudden or over a period of time
  • examination of the ear drum
  • Pure tone Audiometry, Impedance audiometry are done to detect the level of hearing and whether there is fluid collection behind the ear drum.

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How to treat hearing loss in Adults?

The treatment depends upon the cause. It’s better to start the treatment as early as possible.

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  • A pure nerve deafness can be treated with a proper hearing aid. The latest hearing aids work well
  • In extreme hearing loss, sometimes hearing aids are of no use. Cochlear implants work well for such patients
  • Otosclerosis can be corrected with good stapes surgery

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  • in case of a hole in the ear drum, good tympanoplasty surgery will help.

The above article is for information only. In case you have a problem, please get a check up done by your specialist and your hearing checked.


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