Allergies and sneezing, Effective protection

So the Pandemic seems to be subsiding. General rules have been relaxed regarding masks, social distancing, etc. People with allergy were happy after using masks and noticeably had a reduction in symptoms of sneezing, running nose, etc. With the practice of hygiene, sanitizing and cleaning of surfaces, vegetables and fruits, led to a reduction in colds, diarrhoea and stomach bugs.

. However, this has led to an increased symptoms of sneezing, running nose and itching.

  • People with sneezing and allergic rhinitis have a recurrence in sneezing with rejoining of workplace
  • People have been rushing to vacation spots and making them overcrowded. A lot of them return from their break with respiratory and ear infections.
  • Children after resuming school physically are falling sick more frequently after being isolated for so long
  • More people are falling sick after indulging in street food.

Therefore, though the pandemic has subsided, We should still be careful and Adhere to basic safety norms.

  • It’s a good idea for patients with allergic rhinitis, asthma, respiratory diseases, senior citizens and people with high risk to continue wearing masks, safety goggles and covering clothes like hoodies
  • Sanitize fruit and vegetable after buying them from the vendor
  • Be aware while consuming street food
  • Be careful while visiting public water parks, resorts, etc.
  • Wash your clothes after prolonged exposure to outdoor pollution and take a shower

And Most important, Have Fun!

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