Managing allergies during the lockdown: If you have dust mite allergy refrain from vigorous house cleaning.

So, all of us are aware that the world is in the grip of a pandemic. A lot of us suffer from allergies too. This article is not to give any advice on Covid 19 or its treatment. I stress that you follow the WHO guidelines on social distancing, hand washing, personal hygeine and stay at home. In case of fever, or any suspicious symptoms please consult your local health centre immediately.


  • It goes without saying that asthmatic patients are at high risk of complications. It is stressed that they should stay at home, refrain from working even if they are in the essential category. They should keep reserve medicine ready such as inhalers and asthmatic medication as prescribed by their doctors and have emergency medication handy.
  • Since you’re staying at home its good for some people. Environmental pollution levels are on an all time low, and the air is fresher and cleaner to breathe.
  • Pollen exposure is low since you are going out often. Some people have isolated woodland area near them and are going for walks there. However, you should be careful about pollen exposure in such cases and if there are trees near you which trigger your hay fever, best avoid walking outside
  • Wear a mask at all times.

The hitch is household allergens: the biggest ones are house dust mites. A lot of people are taking advantage of the lockdown time and cleaning their houses, but in people with dust mite allergy this could be more of a curse than a blessing.

Your regular household helps may not be available to clean your house so refrain from over enthusiastic cleaning. Ask some other family member to do it instead. However, if the task is on you,

  • Cover your face properly before dusting
  • Prefer vacuuming and wet mopping over dusting
  • Dry your bedsheets, blankets, pillowcases in the sun and wash them weekly
  • Air your mattresses and pillows and vacuum them properly


They could trigger your allergies.Safer to stay at home than visit public places

On the other hand the rough hand sanitizer and soap could trigger skin allergies to chemicals, contact dermatitis and peeling of skin. Be judicious in your use of these chemicals and use plenty of moisturizer, petroleum jelly or plain coconut oil to keep your hands soft.

Managing food allergies :

So now everyone is at home there is the temptation to create and try out new recipes.


  • It’s an advantage in case you have a food allergy. You can prepare foods which suit you.
  • On the other hand, one must be careful about food, if unknown to you something could have been added to the food which can give you a bad allergic reaction
  • On the other hand you could be tempted to try out something which does not agree with you.
  • In any case keep you epipen handy. And contact your doctor immediately

The views are solely of the author. please contact your local health care workers for any emergency

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