Monsoon woes! Allergies and respiratory illnesses

colds in monsoon
Cough. Closeup Of Beautiful Young Woman Caught Cold Or Flu Illness, Having Sore Throat And Coughing With Hand Near Mouth. Portrait Of Unhealthy Girl In Scarf Feeling Pain In Throat. High Resolution

Monsoon has been very harsh this year. Lot of flooding, Natural disasters, waterlogging, etc. And monsoon leads to diseases, especially vector borne diseases. Monsoon too contributes to the following:

  • Humidity and moisture encourages growth of fungus and dust mites in the house
  • Pollen allergies increase due to flowering of seasonal plants
  • pests like cockroaches and other insects thrive during this season

Diseases like allergies, viral fever, colds, stomach upsets are on the rise in this season.

To prevent progress of these diseases following precautions should be taken:

  • Avoid collection of water in old vessels, tyres, etc
  • Holes and potholes should be filled to prevent breeding of mosquitoes
  • Wear long sleeved clothes and cover yourself to prevent insect bites
  • Sleeping in a mosquito net is the best option
  • Don’t wear wet clothes. Keep a dry pair at your workplace if possible
  • In case of fever immediately contact your doctor
  • Dont eat street food. Avoid eating out as much as possible
  • Don’t travel in case of floods and waterlogging. Waters harbour leptospirosis

The views of the website are solely of the author. Please contact your doctor for further advice.

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