Firecrackers in Diwali: Is restricting them a good thing ?

I remember Diwali when we were kids, sprucing the house, endless preparation of traditional sweets, lighting of Diyas and lanterns, Preparing of Rangolis, etc Bursting of firecrackers too! Nowadays Diwali celebrations have changed with the times. Rangoli designs have progressed,  people dress up in westerns, too and chocolates, dry fruits and different sweets have replacedContinue reading “Firecrackers in Diwali: Is restricting them a good thing ?”

Care of Common ENT problems in Young children.

Everyone hates it when their small child falls ill. Small children cannot tell what’s troubling them, they cry a lot, stop eating, and in coughs and colds they vomit while coughing. As shown above, the ear, nose and throat are connected so ENT problems are interrelated. Coughs, colds are at a peak when children interactContinue reading “Care of Common ENT problems in Young children.”