World Hearing Day

WHO has declared today as world hearing day.

Sadly, hearing has not been given as importance as it should. People get specs made as soon as they realise they cannot see. But they’re not so keen on getting a hearing aid fitted, though the latest digital hearing aids are user friendly.

Hearing for all:

This should start at the cradle itself. Suspected hearing loss at birth can be detected by a very simple hearing test known as echo screening.

As the child grows up attention should be given to whether it is responding to sounds, startling on sudden sounds or turning the head towards the sound.

  • BERA test can be done in babies to detect hearing loss. Its a special computerised test which directly detects hearing problems in the brain
  • Children require constant care and constantly speaking with them will aid in speech development

Cochlear implantation can be done at a very early age in hearing impaired children for better results

Childhood diseases such as pus coming from the ears, colds enlarged tonsils and adenoids which lead to fluid collection behind the ear drum and other ear diseases should be dealt with.

  • Young adults and teenagers should be aware of proper hearing practices.  They should avoid prolonged use of earphones at high levels, avoid high decibel sounds in clubs, parties,rock shows etc
  • Avoid inserting foreign objects like Q tips, pins, toothpicks etc in the ear canal. This can damage the ear drum or inner ear, impact wax or other objects in the ear canal and make things worse.

Proper hearing screening for senior citizens at the early stages of hearing loss so they can adjust better to hearing devices, and for their safety.

The views expressed on the website are solely of the author. Contact your ENT doctor, child specialist for further guidance

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