Motion sickness

Motion sickness

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Motion sickness is the feeling of sickness,  dizziness, nausea or vomiting and sleepiness while travelling in a moving vehicle. This can be a car, bus, train, aeroplane or in a boat or ship.

It is triggered by abnormal motion, such as winding roads , turbulence during long flights, travelling in boat or long distance sea travel.

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It is hereditary for some people. it may be genetic


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The cause of motion sickness is disturbance in the signals of your eyes and the organ of balance of the inner ear. This sends signals to your brain which stimulates vomiting.

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Solution for motion sickness:

  • While travelling in a car look straight ahead at the road
  • Avoid eating and drinking , especially excessive alcohol.
  • Avoid smoking
  • Avoid reading on the road or in a bus.
  • Take a seat up front in a bus or in front or over the wing in a plane. The back seat is subject to a lot of rocking
  • In a ship or a boat take a cabin on an upper deck
  • breathe fresh air deeply

Consult your doctor for medication and advice for motion sickness


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