World Allergy Week 2019: Food Allergies

In the past few years, Food allergies have gained a lot of importance. Dietary changes, lifestyle diseases and environmental changes have contributed a lot to food allergies. Food allergies play a major role in asthma in early childhood. What are the most important foods that cause allergies? Allergy is caused by allergy causing proteins inContinue reading “World Allergy Week 2019: Food Allergies”

Food Allergies? The never ending Debate.

What is food allergy? What is the difference between food allergies and intolerance? There are a lot of definitions about food allergies. In simple term food allergy means that the immune system overreacts to certain proteins or allergens in food. Who are the people who need to know most about food allergies? Children with foodContinue reading “Food Allergies? The never ending Debate.”