House dust? What is house dust exactly?

Nowdays people claim to have dust allergy.   What does this mean? House dust is considered to be a major factor in this case. What is house dust? The dust in our house. It’s everywhere! in the beds, mattresses, pillows, carpets, curtains, sofa covers, soft toys,and practically every furniture. Daily dust settles everywhere. on the carpets,Continue reading “House dust? What is house dust exactly?”

What are the plants that cause pollen allergies in India?

There are lots of plants in India. Not all of them cause allergies. Various labs offer blood tests for allergies but they include the European panel for allergies which is not applicable to pollen allergies in India. Out of the various blood tests offered, rest are obsolete. RAST ,and total IgE tests are not reliable.Continue reading “What are the plants that cause pollen allergies in India?”

Dust mites….tiny but troublesome!

Sheela was worried. Her 8 year old Rohan was not doing well at school. He constantly was sneezing, with a runny and stuffy nose. He used to miss school and games, because he was too unwell to attend. He used to get worse whenever she was cleaning the house and in damp weather. He wasContinue reading “Dust mites….tiny but troublesome!”

Allergies? An upcoming lifestyle disease?

Hi everyone! This is my first blog for my site. I’ll like to clarify a few things about allergy in this post. Hoping to make things better for all of you and your allergies in future. What do you exactly mean by allergy? Allergy means an altered response of the body. The body has naturalContinue reading “Allergies? An upcoming lifestyle disease?”