March 3: World Hearing Day: Take better care of your ears!

So a lot of patients come to me for ENT disorders, especially for ear problems,blocked ears, earache, wax removal, etc. I’ve seen a lot of patients try to treat themselves before they come to me. It makes things difficult. What is ear wax? Wax is a natural secretion of the body produced by special glandsContinue reading “March 3: World Hearing Day: Take better care of your ears!”

Sleep Disorders and Sleep Apnea

Sleep is one thing which no one can deny. Everyone needs sleep. Minimum 7-9 hours sleep is required for Adults. However, in today’s fast paced life, people are losing out on adequate sleep. The corporate lifestyle, targets, deadlines, meeting, presentations, all have taken a toll on our sleep hours. Not to mention electronic devices, socialContinue reading “Sleep Disorders and Sleep Apnea”

Take off Those Headphones!

Be careful. Nowadays it,s common for everyone to be using headphones, even commuters, to listen to music, watch tiktok videos, but we don’t realise the hazards of them Headphones, especially noise cancellation headphones make us unaware of our surroundings. They’re appropriate for sitting comfortably and safe in flights and on buses, trains,etc, but if you’reContinue reading “Take off Those Headphones!”

Take care of your ears!

Our ears are very important to us. We Listen with them. They help us in communicating with others, various sounds in the surroundings around us. Ears help us to hear when danger is approaching , so we can get to safety quickly, especially while crossing a busy road. Nowadays ears are important to us withContinue reading “Take care of your ears!”

Monsoon woes! Allergies and respiratory illnesses

Monsoon has been very harsh this year. Lot of flooding, Natural disasters, waterlogging, etc. And monsoon leads to diseases, especially vector borne diseases. Monsoon too contributes to the following: Humidity and moisture encourages growth of fungus and dust mites in the house Pollen allergies increase due to flowering of seasonal plants pests like cockroaches andContinue reading “Monsoon woes! Allergies and respiratory illnesses”